Grid it

We’re opening up for all social media & communities to let users and website owners communicate across all platforms – all over the Internet!
The Difference 
This is a social network that allows you to have a profile at but also allows users to connect from a plugin at your own webpage. This will tear down the wall between our community and the rest of the Internet and allow profiles and website owners to communicate with each other all over the Internet. Imagine how many new people you can meet with just a single sign on. We are not a closed and restricted community but one that is open to all and free to implement and personalise. This also means that we will let you comment on each other’s Instagram pictures, Facebook updates, YouTube videoes with a single gridit sign-on.
How to use gridit
  1. Create a profile at or download and install the plugin on your website.
  2. Login via or your website’s plugin
  3. Now you’re online on the gridit network and can communicate all over the Internet, even on people’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube without having a profile at those sites.
Will this create spam on my other profiles?
No. You are in control of all other users’ access to your profile or website plugin. The gridit communication system is separate from the other systems and a gridit comment won’t show on your other profiles.
Gridit is on top of the net. 
We built gridit so it is build on top of the profiles you want to show. Together We simply gather the information you want and let gridit users comment and interact, once they are logged in.
Example, when you stream/show your Instagram pictures on your profile or website, gridit comments will only show on your profile or website with the gridit plugin.
Gridit network
The ideology, that the whole Internet can be connected (as a network) with a single sign-on (on gridit). is a simple way to get access to the gridit network. We will even provide you with your own blog, gallery and as all profiles are made to resemble a standard website. You will also have your desktop here where you can see where you have made connections and interactions on the Internet.